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Your typical cartoon sperg! (PARODY)
The Emoji Movie one of the worst movies ever made because it wasn't made the 90s and it's modern! I have so many fucking reasons to explain why this movie is worse than Hitler! 1st off, the movie is based off fucking emojis! What the fuck fuckity fucking shit is this?! I know that they made a movie based on LEGO's but fucking emojis?! No, no no! I want the creators of this dead before the movie even comes out! What's Sony going to even do with fucking emotions from a smartphone I jackoff too?! 2nd, I have no real reason to hate The Emoji Movie since it never came out yet, but since I see people hate-boning it! It sucks automatically for a fucking fact! Because I have no original opinions, because people with original opinions are complete dumbasses for a fact and it doesn't please my Asperger syndrome! Ice Age Co
:iconmikethekoopawarrior:MikeTheKoopaWarrior 6 13
Why i Don't like the animation fandom sometimes
Note I do not hate cartoons Nor Do i hate people who like cartoons If u like animation that is perfectly fine theres a huge difference between liking something and being obsessed over it  i also do not condone  insults or death threats so when i say what i have to say Don't go and attack people who obsess over them Give them constructive criticism fine But dont be a asshole about it No one likes a prick period and will not tolerate any of that from anyone Now that that's out of the way onto the journal 
Yeah i think i need to do this because as much as i say the animation fandom is going to shit i never really explain why i think its going to shit Now i love cartoons whether it be aimed at adults or aimed at kids i enjoy all kinds of animation and i always look forward to watching a show that ive never seen before or going back to a show that i always have fun watching
That being said Sometimes animation fans can take things to some pretty cringey levels an
:iconthecrimsondemon14:thecrimsondemon14 6 2
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Dammit 2016, just END already!
It's bad enough that we lost Carrie Fisher yesterday, but we lost another great talent tonight.
Carrie's mother, Debbie Reynolds.
I guess what they say is true... one can die of a broken heart. :tears:
But if anything good comes from this, it's that mother and daughter are both together again.
You are forever one with the Force, Princess Leia.
And thank you, Grandma Aggie, for taking us 90s kids with you to Halloweentown every October.
:iconjackie-sugarskull:Jackie-SugarSkull 5 26
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I've had it with this stupid website. People on here are horrible! They're stupid, hateful, and immature. Since 2013 people on this site have given me bullshit, and I'm sick of it. So I'm leaving this site for good, and I'm never coming back to it. Especially since my mom doesn't want me on this site anymore because of all the freaks and weirdos on it. So DeadlyRosered you won't have to worry about me anymore. Also I'll have you know that I am going to make something of myself! I'm working on getting my HiSet and planning on taking an online college course, and possibly getting a part-time job. So you can just eat your words you douchebag. Also I'm not a lol cow. You don't know anything about me, so you can just shut your hateful judgemental mouth you jackass. Who do you think you are anyway? Anyway, goodbye deviantart. 
Because TheDeadlyRosered really upset me by being mean to me(calling me names, calling me a BrothersFlub rabid fangirl, and telling his friends to block me)Waaaah! He's a fucking asshole whom I wish would never have come back to deviantart. I hate him so much and wish that I never gave him a second chance. He told me that he didn't want any trouble from me, and he goes and does this shit. He lied and betrayed me. He's the reason why I hate most "Brothers Flub" haters--because they're hateful assholes like him. He's a sorry, worthless cartoon sperg who need to grow up and shut his fucking mouth! 
Fuck you for telling your friends to block me, all because you're butthurt that I like a show that you don't! You're a fucking asshole and I hate you! Rage Grow the fuck up you stupid cartoon sperg! People like you make me ashamed to be a cartoon fan. I bet Clay Claymore would roast your ass! People like you is why he hates the cartoon fandom. I don't need this shit from you! I've been going through a rough time this year. I went through HELL last year! I've been seriously depressed and unwell! You have royally pissed me off!! I now regret ever giving you a second chance! It's not MY fault that you can't see "The Brothers Flub" for the awesome series that it is. That's YOUR fault and your problem! "Brothers Flub" fans aren't going to put up with your shit! You block them for their opinion and they'll block you back! I'm sure they too are tired of you ignorant haters and your biased bullshit! You're an immature brat who needs to get a life and leave "Brothers Flub" fans alone. 


United States


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